Parrot 3.4 released


Parrot 3.4.1 was released.

It was divided into 2 releases, infact we have released parrot 3.4 on january 1, and then the 3.4.1 release to fix a minor bug to the installer as you can see from our changelog.


We haven’t done big changes since the previous release (parrot 3.3) but we have improved several things, infact as we announced for the previous version, parrot 3.3 was just a working snapshot (considered as a preview) of the major work we were doing on parrot 3.4, that we were able to finish earlier than expected.


Feel free to read our changelog to have a better overview of what we have done.


Of course a big question that many of you may have is: what happened to Parrot Cloud?

No, we don’t have stopped its development, we have just discovered how pointless it was to provide our Cloud edition through a live ISO.

Infact we still provide it and you can still get a working parrot cloud environment in 3 ways: with our netboot images (tasksel supports the parrot-cloud metapackages), with our alternate installation script (to install parrot on top of a debian system) and by buying a pre-configured VPS from dasaweb (the official Parrot Cloud VPS provider).


feel free to join our community and give us your feedback as we are up to take a long pause (we will continue to provide system updates through our repositories) to collect new ideas and play with some experimental branches of the IT security universe.