Download Parrot Home Edition

Parrot Home Edition is a general purpose operating system with the typical Parrot look and feel. This edition is designed for daily use, privacy and software development. Parrot Tools can be manually installed to assemble a custom and lightweithg pentesting environment.


MATE Desktop

MATE is a lightweight desktop environment with a classical GNU/Linux layout. It is the default desktop environment of Parrot OS and represents the iconical look and feel of the system.

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KDE Desktop

KDE Plasma is a modern desktop environment with advanced features and high customizability. It uses more resources compared to MATE and gives its best on powerful and modern hardware.

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XFCE Desktop

XFCE is a very lightweight desktop environment similar to MATE configured to offer an alternative look and feel.

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Official Forum

An awesome community is one click away. Receive assistence, share ideas and follow the development of the project.

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Parrot + HTB

ParrotOS worked with HackTheBox to introduce you PWNBOX - use ParrotOS in your browser!

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Telegram, Matrix, IRC, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. All the official channels of our community.

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